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The Perfect Hoof Wear System™ is like no other system on the market. It’s the Non-Cast alternative developed to replace hoof boots and horseshoes. Ideal for the barefoot horse or those transitioning out of shoes.



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Hoof wall won’t hold nails any longer?

Is your barefoot horse sore over gravel?

Are you fighting Chronic Founder, White Line Disease, Pedal Ostitis, Navicular Disease?

Perfect Hoof Wear System replaces boots and horseshoes.

Perfect Hoof Wear System is for barefoot horses, therapeutic purposes, performance enhancement, holistic care and more!

The Perfect Hoof Wear System was developed out of the understanding that correct pressure is the stimulus for correct growth, and that the three-dimensional distortion of the hoof capsule is required to attain proper stimulus. Perfect Hoof Wear protects, supports and aids in healing, while supporting the principles, philosophies, and theories of Applied Equine Podiatry, holistic hoof care, and true foot function.

The Perfect Hoof Wear System presents a method to create a custom hoof wear that closely mimics the healthy hoof capsule. It is a Non-Cast that actually promotes accelerated healthy growth.  For over a decade, KC La Pierre has promoted new theory on foot function (The Suspension Theory of Hoof Dynamics, 2000) and the practice of Applied Equine Podiatry The Perfect Hoof Wear System supports those theories, promoting the stimulus needed to achieve optimum health from within the horse’s foot.

The Perfect Hoof Wear System is poised to replace the conventional horse shoe, corrective/remedial horseshoes, hoof boots and hoof casting, allowing those that wish to go shoeless to do so quickly and easily.
Perfect Hoof
Wear System

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Perfect Hoof
Wear System

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The Perfect Hoof Wear System consists of several components that, when used correctly, form a foot wear that does what a conventional horseshoe, boot, or cast cannot - provide protection and stability, while promoting optimum stimulus for healthy growth of the internal structures of the equine foot, through controlled three-dimensional distortion. The System utilizes a unique method, along with high quality materials consisting of a woven fabric impregnated with a water-activated resin, and a density specific closed-cell foam impression pad.

Use Perfect Hoof Wear to maintain or return health to your horse's hooves.

At left ... short steps to applying
Perfect Hoof Wear wraps.

Replacing Hoof Boots and Horseshoes: Perfect Hoof Wear (PHW) is used in place of hoof boots and horseshoes. It is ideal for those horses transitioning to barefoot. Because conventional horseshoes prevent freedom of movement, maintaining a healthy foot is nearly impossible. New research provides evidence that expansion and contraction are not enough. It also shows that frog pressure is not enough. The horse's foot needs to distort on all dimensions for correct foot function to occur. (Energy Management of the Equine Foot). Hoof boots often rub, twist, and are heavy. PHW won't twist or rub and is very light.


Therapeutic Uses: It can be used to treat hoof ailments including hoof wall cracks, metabolic and mechanical flaring, chronic founder, navicular issues, thin soles, frog infections, white line deficits and infections, and overall poor foot health. New research provides evidence that hoof wall growth is not limited to the coronary band. Hoof wall growth also originates at the lamellae, producing horn that defines the hoof capsule growth. Perfect Hoof Wear provides the stimulus needed to increase inner hoof wall growth from the lamellae.

Performance Enhancement: PHW's lightweight (less than 1.5 oz) and unique properties often help the horse move more freely. With the return of proper foot function and healthy structure, a horse has the greatest potential for reaching peak performance.

Barefoot Performance: Those who have barefoot horses that need a little extra protection without sacrificing proper foot function, find the Perfect Hoof Wear System to be the answer.

Holistic Approach: Used in place of conventional shoeing and booting, the Perfect Hoof Wear System supports the theories and principles of Applied Equine Podiatry, the science of holistic hoof care. With the increased interest in natural horsemanship, many horse owners want to keep their horses barefoot. The Perfect Hoof Wear System aids in the transition of those horses just out of shoes, and in many cases there is no down time.

To learn more about the Institute, Applied Equine Podiatry, and the HPT Method please visit With our theories and methods, you will learn that we are going "beyond barefoot" when it comes to the Science of Whole Horse Hoof Care, Barefoot Trimming, Natural Trimming, and Natural Hoof Care. Please join us in this journey!

Check out Perfect Hoof Wear, Silvetrasol and other Natural Hoof Care Products or join the FREE Perfect Hoof Club Forum to discuss common hoof issues including navicular, laminitis, founder, white line, thrush, thin soles and so much more with our hoof care experts and other horse owners!

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