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Angela Chelese Beck, Career Highlight

A native of Alabama, I have resided in Montgomery since I was a small child. Naturally artistic, I have always enjoyed writing stories and poetry, drawing horses, and designing graphics, but most of my free time is spent volunteering, hanging out with my horse friends, or with my family.

The summer before I began college, I was introduced to the field of proofreading and editing, while I had always been exposed to graphic design through my motherís successful career. After more than two decades in the publishing industry, I have acquired a vast knowledge of many types of media and the skills needed to produce quality materials. As an editor and graphic designer, I have managed hard cover books and edited monthly magazines, designed brochures and graphics, and developed small Web sites.

During my professional career and volunteer efforts, I have traveled across the country to hire writers and photographers, and I have attended trade shows in several states as an exhibitor's aide and to promote different organizations. I enjoy meeting people and am comfortable working with people in professions from farming to law enforcement. Personally, I often write under my former name, Angela Kirby.

My volunteer activities including serving as a board member and on numerous committees for the Montgomery County Cattlemenís Association (MCCA) since 2004. One of my biggest undertakings for MCCA is serving as Media Director of the Little Boots Rodeo. Since 2005, I have developed and designed the Web site, advertising, articles, and the event program. In addition, I help drive the rodeoís sponsorship committee and physically work the day of the rodeo.

Outside of local volunteerism, I am the Executive Coordinator of Stolen Horse International, aka NetPosse.com, a nonprofit organization based in Shelby, NC, I work directly with its president and founder, Debi Metcalfe, in all facets of the organization. From maintaining the Web site to processing reports, speaking to victims and law enforcement to creating press releases, advertisements and promotional materials, I assist wherever possible. But I'm not just a volunteer, I am also a victim and know too well the effects of horse theft, having been a victim of civil horse theft and criminal tack theft.

Between all my activities and full-time employment, I enjoy a very busy but rewarding life.

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