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Web Sites Design Elements

The sites I have developed incorporate a variety of elements from simple to dynamic. Animated graphics are created using html code or a Flash program, however, Flash files cannot be viewed on most Apple products. All animated menus, landing pages, news tickers, rotating ads, and the like can be created with html code or Photoshop due to the conflict with Apple devices.

The items in the right-hand menu are linked to pages demonstrating the different elements that can be used with dynamic pages. I also create, administer, and manage content for numerous Social Media accounts (i.e. Twitter and Facebook)

Click right menu for links to special Elements. *Flash Component

Overall Elements

Best Animated Example

Bama Bandits - Ad Rotation, Menu w/Sound* & News Ticker*

Special Elements
Ad / Image Rotation
Margaret Lambert Images
Animated Images
Equine Podiatry
Pumpkin Patch
Savvy Smart Tech*
Audio / Sounds
Equine Podiatry
Savvy Smart Tech*
Custom Menus
American Saddlebreds
HorsinAround TV
Gateway Pages
Equine Podiatry
Nichols Consulting Service
Social Media
Created / Admin Group
Admin / Manage Page

NOTE: Some site elements require Flash, which is not available on all devices. Menu can be navigated at links on top of each page.

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