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Hard Cover Publications

As managing editor of hard cover publications for a national publishing company, I managed production from hiring writers and photographers to writing copy and editing 20,000-plus-word manuscripts. I selected hundreds of book images from thousands of photographs, wrote dust jacket copy and worked closely with the art department on overall design for the client.

Each project lasted from 18 months to 2 years and was worth in access of $250,000. On occasion, I traveled across the U.S. to interview writers and photographers, or to meet with Chambers of Commerce.

Digital or print examples of publications available upon request.

Hard Cover Books

9x12 Book Format
Buffalo Niagara (192 pp)
Canton, OH (112 pp)
Charlotte, NC (168 pp)
Greenville, SC (143 pp)
Hampton Roads, VA (175 pp)
Lexington, KY (160 pp)
Miss. Gulf Coast (214 pp)
Portland, OR (216 pp)
San Jose, CA (192 pp)

10x13 Book Format
Alabama BCA (272)
Mobile, AL (320)
Morris County, NJ (152)
Roanoke County, VA (192)
Philadelphia, PA (368)
Terre Haute, IN (207)

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