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Angela Chelese Beck, Career Highlights

My personal career and volunteer activities afford me many unique opportunities to interact with people all over the U.S. ~ from professionals in various industries, including law enforcement officers, to every day citizens, while I have also been able to write, edit, and design for numerous publications.

  • Authored cover story published in The Gaited Horse magazine, along with print ad.
  • Monthly contributing author for Equestrian Network Magazine online, with most-read article since its inception.
  • Design static and animated ads for national print and online magazines and develop Web sites for local organizations.
  • Guest segments on Best of America by Horseback radio show airing on World Talk Radio.
  • Guest speaker on HorseCity.com TV's "At the Barn" series filmed for NetPosse, airing on RFD-TV.
  • Created W.H.O.A. security product line for nonprofit; some available in Spanish for international use.
  • Presenter and organizer of ID and microchip clinics for equine rescue groups and 4-H clubs in Montgomery, Ala.
  • Volunteer Coordinator in contact with U.S. Marshal’s Deputy on Federal Fugitives and Missing Child case of Mary Nunes, airing on America's Most Wanted television show August 2007.
  • Edited articles for Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine, GunHunter Magazine and Rack magazine, with monthly circulation of 300,000-plus, and edited hard cover publications, including text and photos, for national publishing company.
  • Editorial and Technical Director for monthly regional newspaper, with circulation of 18,000.
  • Trade show and business expo vendor aide with several organizations, and created event banners for Stolen Horse International, Inc. and ConnectingAlabama.
  • Assisted local evacuees from Hurricane Katrina with donations and meals while initiating listings on NetPosse.com for animals lost during hurricanes.
  • Volunteered locally to assist in support and cleanup efforts for those devastated by tornadoes in 2008 and 2011.
  • Directly assist in recovery and return of stolen and missing horses in the Southeast, offering support nationwide.
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